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Characters without pages

This does not include characters who are redlinked on other characters' pages. Feel free to start a page for any of these, and remove them from this list afterwards. Note that though historical characters may go without, modern characters should perhaps have a surname added.

  • Baejarth, a painter who produced the work Caught in the Act.
  • Fhenem, a whiny operative with a katana and lots of relationship issues who managed to kill Ailen Kovren. Was later the target of a smear campaign by suspected Kovren loyalists, somewhat tempered when she demonstrated having taken a level in badass.
  • Finrathi, shortened to Fiena, a schoolgirl with burn scars and prosthetics
  • Flarlen, Gralthin's student in the art of being a hooker. Eager learner, willing to teach others in turn. Is often hired along with his teacher as entertainment for Chelsie's house parties. Flarlen has a dark indigo coat with a light indigo front, purple hair, and blue eyes.
  • Flimathin the Courtesan, Gralthin's grandfather. Flimathin was not particularly pretty in his age, but had a silver tongue in all senses but the literal.
  • Gralthin, Flarlen's master in the art of hookery. Gralthin is a golden-yellow tiger with blonde streaked hair and purple eyes.
  • Harmai Nethaelo, party planner and target in The Dating Pool. She's not into girls, though she's not entirely sure.
  • Ilemi and Meilathi Norith, a pair of married mechanics.
  • Jalmine, Ilira's best friend. Not to be confused with the Assassin. Jalmine has a pink coat with spots, dark purple hair, and green eyes.
  • Jalmine the Assassin, who invented the felin equivalent of the ninja, the surutha.
  • Laimi Solaer, a legendary fighter renowned for defeating a formidable opponent with only a helmet and two swords.
  • Lenirthi, a big name back when Blackshard University was still a monastery. As a mystic, she unwittingly kicked off the start of the scientific revolution.
  • Leur, an actor and target in The Dating Pool. Impeccably dressed.
  • Mira, Fienah's best friend and big fat tsundere.
  • Mrithaimine, Mrith for short, Fienah's best frenemy and a cultural anomaly.
  • Myrion the Destroyer, the Klethan warlord from olden times.
  • Rhaeli Pildue, a legendary outlaw who may or may not be the historical figure Rhaelarthi of Remi.
  • Remthil Oparhal the Playwright, basically the felin equivalent to William Shakespeare or Chikamatsu Monzaemon.
  • Shema the Dancer, an historical figure who managed to charm a corrupt council member into resigning by inventing a new, alluring dance.
  • Thimlur, a tentacle farmer and target in The Dating Pool.
  • Venno Kylair, the mysterious third member of the Children of Oblivion. Went into politics under the assumed name Ailen Kovren, until he was taken out by Fhenem.


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