Ilira Ermalbi

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Ilira Ermalbi
Aliases Ili
Path(s) Crafter
Biographical information
Marital status Looking
Physical description
Species Felin
Gender Female
Fur color   White
Hair color   Gray
Eye color   Green
Furstock Domestic
Real World
Origin The Dating Pool
Designer Kawa

Ilira Ermalbi (ælÉrà ermalbi in Felinese) is a prolific multi-genre author and the main character in The Dating Pool.

She drives a red car nicknamed "Calico".



Powers and Abilities

  • Fourth Wall Awareness: As a felin author, Ilira can sink into a higher state of cosmic awareness, allowing her to know that she herself is just a character in a story, and what medium the story is told in. This is an ability shared with all experienced storytellers.


The exact natures of these relationships remain to be determined.

Game appearances

The Dating Pool

As stated, Ilira is the main character.