The Dating Pool

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The Dating Pool
Developed by Kawa and Letrune
Engine Sierra Creative Interpreter 1.1+
Genre Adventure

The Dating Pool is a point-and-click adventure game currently in development. It runs on an extended version of the Sierra Creative Interpreter, and features Ilira as the main protagonist. A demo version can be found on


Ilira Ermalbi, a well-published author, visits her best friend Jalmine to see what she thinks of her latest work. Since Ilira has never written a romance novel before, it's not very good and Jalmine gives Ilira, whom she knows has no real love life to speak of, a challenge: get some real-life experience in.



A walkthrough is available here.


Firrhna Productions
Game-specific code, artwork, engine customization: Kawa
Design, writing: Letrune
Icefall Games
SCI Companion development IDE: Phil "Troflip" Fortier
Sierra On-Line
Endless inspiration: Al Lowe, Roberta Williams
Development system: Jeff Stephenson, Robert E. Heitman, Dan Foy, Larry Scott, J. Mark Hood, Eric Hart, Mark Wilden, Chad Bye, Chris Smith
Music: Morusque
DAZ 3D models: LadyLittlefox, Traveler, Sarsa, Moyra, and many others