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Aliases The Hunter
Mistress (by Kawa)
Relatives Irrelevant
Path(s) Hunter
Biographical information
Place of residence Imrah City, Fhurai
Place of birth Unknown
Physical description
Species Felin
Gender Female
Height 182 cm
Eye color   Gold
Furstock Cheetah
Real World
Origin Noxico
Designer Kawa

Chelsie the Huntress (Chelsie Rhwafhra, or CelsÉ RwaFra in Felinese) is the general mascot of the Project.

Chelsie’s name is unique among her kind, as she’d grown up off-world, away from any other felin. Her parents were the test pilots for an experimental faster-than-light flight who got lost in the summer of 3663. She returned full-grown in a stolen alien shuttle craft. The unorthodox methods Chelsie had developed as she grew up somewhat revolutionized many aspects of what Hunters do, especially affecting the Travelers. For this honor, she was given a heroic title.

Chelsie is one of the few if not only felin who counts in decimal.

Shortly after her return and quick rise to fame, an unscrupulous person tricked Chelsie, who was at that time living in her shuttle) into buying a large house in Fhurai, possibly by using the above-mentioned decimal counting thing. After killing this person for having tricked her, Chelsie kept the house and invited a Hunter friend she'd made to join her there, having too many rooms to know what to do with them.

Game appearances


Chelsie was a test character in Noxico and served as its mascot, appearing in several of the randomly chosen title screen backgrounds up until March 9 2020, when she was replaced by Jadah. In even older versions she was represented as a capital C with caron, Č.


Chelsie appears in the introduction tutorial, at the end of the testing chamber. She will not actually attack the player, but non-lethally push them back. The player gets to pummel her down to a certain point where she'll yield and pronounce your victory, then teleport out of the way. Chelsie also serves as a mascot for the Felin mod and certain extensions.

Gameplay-wise, she is considered a Monster, with the identifier chelsie. As such you can spawn her with the command /spawnmonster chelsie.

The Dating Pool

Chelsie does not make any appearances in The Dating Pool. None are planned, though some references may be added.