Letrun Indel

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Letrun Indel
Aliases The Healer
Relatives Cier Indel (sister)
Livra Indel (sister)
Elaie (sister)
Mrai Indel (mother)
Tukh Marlen (father)
Raena Indel (uncle)
Flaie Lebra (half-mother)
Orsie Lebra (half-mother)
Path(s) Comforter
Biographical information
Place of residence Imrah City, Fhurai
Date of birth Kitwhura 13
Physical description
Species Felin
Gender Female
Fur color     Gold
Hair color   Brown
Eye color   Amber
Furstock Domestic
Real World
Origin N/A
Designer Letrune

Letrun Indel (letrun indel in Felinese), alternatively spelled Letrune and also known as Lettie for short, is the self-insert of one of the authors.

A relatively atypical felin, because she considers some items required for her "ladylike" looks, like underwear, long dresses and many layers of skirts.




  • Elaie: Letrun considers Elaie her best friend.
  • Kawa: Letrun is somewhat aware of Kawa's nature.
  • Cier Indel: They are in a neutral relationship. Cier often annoys her, while she annoys Cier back with her odd ideas.
  • Livra Indel: They get along fine, albeit still neutral. She barely understands Livra, but leaves her alone.
  • Chelsie: ???

Game appearances


Letrun does not appear in Noxico.


Letrun randomly appears in the Outpost, rarely appearing at the Two-Stop Teleshop.

Gameplay-wise, she is considered an NPC, with the identifier devletrune. As such you can spawn her with the command /spawnnpc felin devletrune.

The Dating Pool

Letrun does not make any appearances in The Dating Pool yet, besides in non-story places like the About window. One appearance is planned.

Indel Family
The Sisters Cier - Livra - Elaie - Letrun
The Parents Raena - Mrai - Flaie - Orsie - Tukh