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Aliases Eli
Subject 214 (by Misrae)
White Devil (by Kawa)
Relatives Letrun Indel (sister)
Cier Indel (sister)
Livra Indel (sister)
Raena Indel (father)
Flaie Lebra (mother)
Mrai Indel (half-mother)
Misrae Kylair (creator)
Tukh Marlen (uncle)
Orsie Lebra (half-mother)
Biographical information
Place of residence Imrah Underhalls, Fhurai
Date of birth Mirwhura 13
Physical description
Species Felin
Gender Female
Fur color   White
Hair color   Light aqua
Eye color   Amber
Furstock Domestic
Real World
Origin N/A
Designer Letrune

Elaie (elâ in Felinese), Eli for short, is a white-furred, golden-eyed felin. Being a bit loopy at times and very interested in others, she naturally finds pretty much everyone sensual and exciting for herself.

She has a Model H 2500 GHz neural stabilizer in the left-rear part of her brain, diminishing her sex drive to merely ridiculous levels. Even with the stabilizer, she is the one person Kawa dares not mess with.

Elaie has a tendency to seek out and be near the Indel Sisters, even before she learned she is one herself.


Elaie was created by request from Flaie Lebra and Raena Indel as a designer baby, after they'd already had Livra.

It was not until around her 30th year that she met her creator and learned how she was born.


Indel Family
The Sisters Cier - Livra - Elaie - Letrun
The Parents Raena - Mrai - Flaie - Orsie - Tukh