Livra Indel

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Livra Indel
Aliases Liv
The Researcher
Relatives Letrun Indel (sister)
Cier Indel (sister)
Elaie (sister)
Raena Indel (father)
Flaie Lebra (mother)
Mrai Indel (half-mother)
Tukh Marlen (half-father)
Orsie Lebra (half-mother)
Path(s) Scholar
Biographical information
Place of residence Imrah City, Fhurai
Date of birth Aiwhura 20
Physical description
Species Felin
Gender Female
Fur color   Dark
Hair color   Darker
Eye color   Amber
Furstock Panther
Real World
Origin N/A
Designer Letrune

Livra Indel (livra indel in Felinese) is a dark-furred female felin.

She is pretty much asexual, completely lacking a sex drive, which often makes other felin wonder if she is having any sort of sickness - she does not, and spent her teenage years trying to find it out.

Unusually serious, she is one of the most inquisitive and scientific minds, and would rival Misrae herself if she could consider smaller degrees than groups.




  • Kawa: Though all Indel Sisters are individually aware of Kawa's nature to various degrees, Livra is their primary secret keeper and the only one who knows that the others know.
  • Chelsie: ???
  • Cier Indel: They get along fine.
  • Letrun Indel: They get along fine.
  • Elaie: They get along.
Indel Family
The Sisters Cier - Livra - Elaie - Letrun
The Parents Raena - Mrai - Flaie - Orsie - Tukh