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MÉv firRna wiki parrmÉil
Welcome to the Firrhna Project Wiki!

The Firrhna Project Wiki collates the characters and canon of the felin and their planet, Firrhna Prime.

Information: Real world history | Biology
Notable Individuals: Chelsie | Kawa | Letrun Indel | Misrae Kylair | Elaie | Ilira Ermalbi

Some simple house rules

  • Be cool. If you don't agree with something on the wiki, don't just blindly go and remove it. Instead, take it up with whoever wrote it, and remain reasonable.
  • Stick to the style guide, if it has anything to say on the topic.
  • Stick to English for the main text, provide translations for text in Felinese using the {{Fel}} template, at least the first time a given term appears on the page.
  • Kawa has the final say on canon.

To Do