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Firrhna has many interesting characters. Here is a list of the interesting ones.

Chelsie and Kay's funtime club


For more on Kawa, please refer to their article.

Chelsie the Hunter

For more on Chelsie, please refer to her article.

Letrun Indel (The Healer)

An actress who specializes in medical roles. She was given a heroic title when a co-star got in a horrible accident on stage. Letrun has breasts, and they’re bigger than Chelsie’s. Lives with her sisters in Chelsie’s villa. Letrune has a golden-yellow coat with a lighter front, long light brown hair, and amber eyes.

The Historical Bois

Laenathin (The Leader)

The famed strategist Laenathin was one of the rare felin men to grow a beard. He milked the look for all it was worth, looking for all intents and purposes like one of the manliest felin on the planet. Some 500 years past, he gained a seat in the planet-level council. He convinced the others to funnel resources into space travel. Just a year before his untimely death, the first felin sets foot on Mira, one of Firrhna’s moons, naming the crater she’d landed in after her ruler. Laenathin was unanimously declared one of the best councilpersons to sit in the higher rungs of the hierarchy. For this honor, he was given a heroic title. Laenathin had a dark brown coat (happily showed off), a red mane, and purple eyes.

Jalmine (The Assassin)

Invented the felin equivalent of the ninja, the surutha. For this honor, she was given a heroic title. Not to be confused with Ilira Ermalbi's best friend.


A prominent painter in his time who produced the work Caught in the Act some time in the year 3263.

Missy's Crappy Science Crew

Misrae Kylair (The Boss)

Shortstack science innovator from Kletha. Short, outspoken, fiercely intelligent and (most likely) completely deranged, her company MKI invented and marketed the Ride Driver, among other things such as several spider tanks and gene-altering serums. Is the genetic source and the creator of the Children of Oblivion.