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This is a real world article, written from a production point of view.

Kawa (the person, not the character) has always had an interest in cat girls. When the science-fiction sandbox game Starbound was first publicly announced, he was quick to pick up on the developers' promise that it would be very open to modification, and after seeing some threads about custom species designs, Kawa wanted to be one of the first to actually deliver. Using assets ripped from an online character creation tool toy and some critical thinking, he gave himself a head start over the others by at least having a sprite sheet that was mostly the same as what the then-unreleased game would use, requiring only a few extra changes and otherwise guaranteed to work.

When the first public beta dropped, Kawa was on it from day one and quickly released the first Felin mod as a proof of concept. It quickly grew to be one of the species mods with the largest level of completion and detail, rivaling only the Avali and Novakids — the former known to not "fit in" stylistically, the latter a mod species made canon as a Kickstarter reward.

As such a big production, other Felin-related things would follow. The erotic rogue-like game Noxico originally had generic cat people in it, but these were quickly (and easily) replaced by felin. When Kawa acquired the means to create his own point-and-click games in the original SCI 1.1 engine, it was only natural that he, together with Letrune (again, the person), would make a game about felin.

And thus, the Firrhna Project was born.