Firrhna Prime

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Type Planet
Location Roughly in the middle of Felin-controlled space
Inhabitants Mostly felin

Firrhna Prime (firrhna ehr, or firRna eH in Felinese), historically Karina (kariena, karÉna) is the home planet of the Felin. It has a near-Earth-like atmosphere and two small moons on either side, with a space station between them. It has a circumference roughly 15% larger than Earth’s, and a surface gravity of 1.2 g.


The planet surface is about 60% water. Up to 90% of the landmass is covered in lush vegetation, even if it’s just grass, with very little desert and insignificant polar ice.


Most plant life is a striking lilac, with trees similar to Earth’s fir and palm in the more temperate zones, and complex, many-branched behemoths in tropical climes.

Geological characteristics

There is very little tectonic activity, thus there are little to no proper mountains. The only thing that could be considered "major" tectonic activity was the appearance of a giant tentacle monster, the Desecrator, which resulted in a canyon across the border of Laetharuf and Thilus.





Modern felin speaks a single main language subdivided into Upper and Lower main dialects, with further regional dialects. On the map, the Upper and Lower dialects are roughly separated as indicated by the wavy line.