Taking forever in here

I just realized that the oldest post on this blog is dated November 12 2012.

Looking in my archived copy of the older site, the plans file is from February 2012.

A super old copy of the logo in the same folder is from October 2011.

Duke Nukem Forever took 14 years, 1997 to 2011. I started on Noxico that same year.

I’m nearing DNF-tier development time and it’s still not in a state I’d consider worth playing.

Taking on other projects probably doesn’t help but jesus fuck.

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Settings from the title screen

On the FAQ page, fishboi couldn’t find the settings file.

I don’t even know how many people came before him but I suppose a point is a point so here you go:

You now get to change the font and window size without first starting or resuming a game. Or opening the testing arena. No binaries yet, but those who can are free to grab the source and compile it themselves.

(By the way, interesting email address, fishboi.)

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Actual work? Oh yes!

Jadah, the new mascot

Here’s some of the things I’ve done in the past three days because suddenly I’m being hella active on this project again. I live-tweeted most of these.

Converting more Noxico-specific stuff to Lua

Specifically the part where characters can get excited from seeing others. This should help make the engine more suitable for easy reworking into something else. For example, a “safe for work” mod.

Replacing Chelsie with Jadah

Chelsie is a character from the greater Firrhna Project scope. The original version came from Noxico and predated the Project. They are distinct characters, in a sense. So after a quick poll on Twitter and some workshopping I replaced her with a new project mascot, Jadah.

Reworking the MergeBitmap function to use tilesets in TML format

This, I think, improves readability of both the actual code and the tileset data.

Fixed the Carpenter NPC

There were so many crufty errors left in there. I wonder how many people ran into that problem.

Fixed the quick-fire function

That’s where when you have a long-range weapon equipped, you can press shift-arrow to fire in a cardinal direction. Since I added shift key support to the keymapper (as in you can specify that an action requires shift or not), this wouldn’t trigger any more. Solution: make shooting in cardinal directions their own actions distinct from walking.


All of this is of course available on my Github. Outside contributions are welcomed.

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A quick release this time that fixes two issues.

  1. The player is supposed to always be referred to as their preferred gender. This was broken.
  2. I had changed around the names of the character stats, but got overzealous and had climaxing characters try to run the “Pleasure” script. There is of course no such thing, it’s the “Climax” script.

You can find the new release on the Downloads page.

Thanks to Buggy Boy and Urist McNoob for bringing this up. Now I have just one more thing to look into.

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Prefix mobs revisited

I brought these up way back in 2012 but recently had reason to revisit them. The old post predated the actual implementation, so let’s list what we got:

  • Vorpal: attacks do 1.5× damage.
  • Underfed: attacks do only 0.25× damage.
  • Infectious: successful attacks cause one (1) step of mutation towards a specific bodyplan.
  • Burning: randomly immolates tiles it stands on, implies fireproof status.

And the prefixes that are less than fully implemented:

  • Dire: can be applied but has no effect.
  • Poisonous: can be applied but has no effect, also really should be venomous. Causes poisoned status?

Any suggestions on things to add, anyone?

And related to all that, what kind of prefixes could apply to items? I’m thinking vorpal, same as above, for starters.

Edit: updated the “Burning” entry to reflect today’s work.

Edit: updated it again.

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Status Quo

I was pretty pleased at myself when I came up with the basic character stats in Noxico, because there’s this symmetry to them. Four stats with C names, four with S.

However, I felt something was off. They seemed unclear, and one of them was entirely unused. So recently I went over the set, renamed most of them, and redefined the unused one. Here’s what I came up with, and as an added bonus what each of them actually means:

Name Replaces Intent
Charisma Charisma Generally good looks, physical or otherwise. May be used to roll for influencing others.
Climax Climax How long you can go before you nut, which happens at 100. Increased through actions.
Mind Cunning How smart you are. May be used to roll for identifying things and influencing others.
Vice Carnality How kinky you are. Gates various actions.
Excitement Stimulation How excited you are. Gates initiating sex. Too much excitement passively increases Climax.
Libido Sensitivity Passively increases Excitement over time. Certain actions may use this as a multiplier.
Speed Speed Determines how long a personal turn takes. May be used to roll for who acts first.
Body Strength Determines unarmed attack power, carrying capacity, and max health. May be used to roll for grapples and escapes.

None of these changes have actually been implemented yet, and all but maybe Body/Strength and Speed ought to be entirely scripted — as it is, there are still several areas of C# code that use the sex-specific stats, such as Climax and Excitement/Stimulation, and their respective bonus modifier tokens are all hardcoded also.

As good an excuse to do something about that as anything, really.

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437 Simulation mode

While working on randomized opponent callouts, I noticed that most of the font sheets were off, color-wise. And while fixing that, I noticed the option to enable 437 Simulation mode was not in the string list. That is, the checkbox said [opt_437] instead of a regular thing. In honor of that option finally being properly captioned, here’s the thing in action. There’s a lookup table that maps in-game tile numbers to Unicode and Codepage 437. One is used for HTML dumps, the other for this mode. I kinda want to make it render the player as a @ and use the initial of a character’s title…


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A quick explanation

As you can see, I’ve decided to ditch the static site and use the blog as the site. Because eh.

You might wonder, and that’s a very small might, where the info went. Where are the files? Where’s… everything?

It’ll be back over time. Perhaps even by next Monday. You can see the reference is already there, and the board, dead as it is, is still at its usual place. It’s just not linked yet.

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And here we are then

Tumblr has officially shut the door on NSFW content a couple weeks back and the Noxico blog was one of the victims. I just finished reposting almost every post on there worth reposting, and a bunch that weren’t. The only thing missing is asks.

Well, let’s see what we get. I already posted a status update on my other blog last month so… that just leaves the drive to actually do something.

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Here’s an idea I had earlier: Arbitrary board sizes.

The minimum would be like 80×25, the screen size, and connected boards would have to have matching edges. That is, a board that’s N tiles tall can only be connected on the east and west sides by boards that are also N tiles tall.

Surface boards could be 128×128, or 128×64 to adjust for tall tiles, which would make for nice “powers of two” work and fully covers the equal side lengths rule. Dungeons could be any size, considering those are currently only connected by stairways and such.

This would of course invalidate old saves.

Comments/opinions, please?

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