Prefix mobs revisited

I brought these up way back in 2012 but recently had reason to revisit them. The old post predated the actual implementation, so let’s list what we got:

  • Vorpal: attacks do 1.5× damage.
  • Underfed: attacks do only 0.25× damage.
  • Infectious: successful attacks cause one (1) step of mutation towards a specific bodyplan.
  • Burning: randomly immolates tiles it stands on, implies fireproof status.

And the prefixes that are less than fully implemented:

  • Dire: can be applied but has no effect.
  • Poisonous: can be applied but has no effect, also really should be venomous. Causes poisoned status?

Any suggestions on things to add, anyone?

And related to all that, what kind of prefixes could apply to items? I’m thinking vorpal, same as above, for starters.

Edit: updated the “Burning” entry to reflect today’s work.

Edit: updated it again.

3 thoughts on “Prefix mobs revisited

  1. You’ve worked on this for a very long time now, but I’m wondering if you could kindly update your “Downloads” with a newer version. The version I get there seems rather ancient compared to what you’ve done recently. I wish I could just go to the source, but I’m very much illiterate when it comes to that stuff having managed to break even the idiot proof managers while trying out other games.

    There are very few who knows this game still exists so there probably won’t be many suggestions, but if you’d like some then the classics such as “Heavy”, “Sturdy”, “Hearty” etc. The effects kinda speaks for themselves usually having better stats than their normal counterparts. The opposite would be Prefix’s like “Light”, “Brittle” and “Paltry/Old/Moldy/Rotten”.

    1. Alright, just for you I built a new copy and put it on the Downloads page. I’ll see about expanding on the build guide later. Thanks for your prefix suggestions!

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