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I was pretty pleased at myself when I came up with the basic character stats in Noxico, because there’s this symmetry to them. Four stats with C names, four with S.

However, I felt something was off. They seemed unclear, and one of them was entirely unused. So recently I went over the set, renamed most of them, and redefined the unused one. Here’s what I came up with, and as an added bonus what each of them actually means:

Name Replaces Intent
Charisma Charisma Generally good looks, physical or otherwise. May be used to roll for influencing others.
Climax Climax How long you can go before you nut, which happens at 100. Increased through actions.
Mind Cunning How smart you are. May be used to roll for identifying things and influencing others.
Vice Carnality How kinky you are. Gates various actions.
Excitement Stimulation How excited you are. Gates initiating sex. Too much excitement passively increases Climax.
Libido Sensitivity Passively increases Excitement over time. Certain actions may use this as a multiplier.
Speed Speed Determines how long a personal turn takes. May be used to roll for who acts first.
Body Strength Determines unarmed attack power, carrying capacity, and max health. May be used to roll for grapples and escapes.

None of these changes have actually been implemented yet, and all but maybe Body/Strength and Speed ought to be entirely scripted — as it is, there are still several areas of C# code that use the sex-specific stats, such as Climax and Excitement/Stimulation, and their respective bonus modifier tokens are all hardcoded also.

As good an excuse to do something about that as anything, really.

One thought on “Status Quo

  1. Hey, I don’t know if you get much in the way of feedback or comments from people or anything like that, especially since moving from Tumblr, but I just want to say I really enjoy seeing info and updates on Noxico, I’m very happy to see that you’re still working on making it into something really quality.

    Good luck.

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