Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrong with you?
Plenty. Explaining the whole what and why of it would go far outside the scope of this section, nay, this very page.
But it’s sexist!
More like sexy. Seriously though, you can play either gender, with any of the common sexual orientations. It’s like the opposite of sexist.
Where’s the yiffin’ at?
If you mean “why is there so little to do when I fuck a character”… Data defiency, to coin a phrase. I hope to expand dong that part.
Can I just go around and brutally kill everything?
If you wish.
Why Visual Studio 2010 Express when you can use 2015 Community?
Because quite frankly I’ve no need for what it has to offer. To be entirely honest, Metro makes me feel ill. The rest is mostly syntactic sugar or stuff I simply have no need for.
Why C# though, instead of C++ or…
Because I like it.
But you can’t run C# on Li—
Shush. Shuuush. You can. I can’t guarantee it’ll run quite right, but I semi-regularly give it a whirl on a VM or two, and I can tell you right now it does run. Now take your FUD and eat it.
Is it true that you hacked the Roguelike of the Year poll to win?
It’s not. I didn’t do anything, and those who did acted on their own. Apparently someone felt ToME had mysteriously won by a landslide one time too often…
How easy is it to mod this? Can I, for example, remove the sex?
The game expects some kind of sexual interaction to be possible — you can’t remove the action entirely, but you can make it amount to nothing more than hugs. Patch i18n.tml to replace the “fuck him/her” action with “hug him/her” or whathaveyou, then patch sex.tml to remove the stripping and penetration. That oughta get you halfway through.
How do you fuck things?
First, the target needs to be willing. Second, both you and they must be aroused enough. The interaction menu will show the “fuck him/her” option at that time. You can also enable rape and bring an opponent to their knees to fuck them, but remember that this cuts both ways.

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