Keyboard controls can be changed by editing Noxico.ini, or from the settings screen.


  • (Debug only) F3 dumps the current board to HTML for investigation.
  • F12 takes a screenshot.
  • CtrlR forces a full redraw, just in case.

In gameplay

  • Arrow keys move the player character. Bumping into a friendly or neutral character displaces them. Bumping into a hostile attacks them.
  • Shift-arrows with a long-range weapon equipped fires in that direction.
  • Period (.) makes the PC rest for a turn.
  • Enter activates things underneath the PC — there’ll be a little popup in the corner if this is something you can do at the time. Activation could involve picking up dropped loot, looking into a container, taking a nap in a bed, or using an exit.
  • Quotes (') opens the inventory screen.
  • Slash (/) switches to Interact mode.
  • Comma (,) causes the PC to take off in flight or land again, if they have wings.
  • Semicolon (;) opens the travel screen.

In Interact mode

  • Arrow keys move the cursor — that’s the flashing green rectangle.
  • Tab cycles through targets.
  • Enter accepts this choice of target and pops up a menu of things you can do.
  • Esc breaks out back to regular gameplay.

In a subscreen or popup window

  • Tab cycles through controls.
  • Enter activates the active control. For a yes/no message box, this equals a yes.
  • Esc breaks out to whatever you came from, if allowed. For a yes/no message box, this is a no.
  • Arrow keys scroll through list items.

Mouse controls

  • Left-click with a message box or action list on screen maps directly to the Enter key, technically the Accept action.
  • Left-click on a subscreen control does exactly what you’d think.
  • Right-click, likewise, maps to Escape.
  • In regular gameplay, left-clicking on a tile makes the PC navigate there.
  • Middle-clicking near an edge makes the PC navigate to the edge and then cross.
  • Right-clicking is considered equal to switching to Interact mode, aiming at that point, and pressing Enter. That is in fact exactly what happens.
  • Turning the scroll wheel in a subscreen or popup actually scrolls through the active list control.

Given an XInput-compatible controller, the game’ll automatically adjust the on-screen key indications to match. Controller maps can’t be edited.

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