Actual work? Oh yes!

Jadah, the new mascot

Here’s some of the things I’ve done in the past three days because suddenly I’m being hella active on this project again. I live-tweeted most of these.

Converting more Noxico-specific stuff to Lua

Specifically the part where characters can get excited from seeing others. This should help make the engine more suitable for easy reworking into something else. For example, a “safe for work” mod.

Replacing Chelsie with Jadah

Chelsie is a character from the greater Firrhna Project scope. The original version came from Noxico and predated the Project. They are distinct characters, in a sense. So after a quick poll on Twitter and some workshopping I replaced her with a new project mascot, Jadah.

Reworking the MergeBitmap function to use tilesets in TML format

This, I think, improves readability of both the actual code and the tileset data.

Fixed the Carpenter NPC

There were so many crufty errors left in there. I wonder how many people ran into that problem.

Fixed the quick-fire function

That’s where when you have a long-range weapon equipped, you can press shift-arrow to fire in a cardinal direction. Since I added shift key support to the keymapper (as in you can specify that an action requires shift or not), this wouldn’t trigger any more. Solution: make shooting in cardinal directions their own actions distinct from walking.


All of this is of course available on my Github. Outside contributions are welcomed.

7 thoughts on “Actual work? Oh yes!

  1. Not sure where would be the best place to post this to get it be seen, but I had an idea for like a ring/armor curse..
    Horny curse. My idea is basically it would make you always horny and thus always down to fuck, basically enabling r*pe content. Though obviously this would have to have a setting option to disable it as that can be triggering for some.

    Hope my idea isn’t too trash <3

    1. That’s actually a great idea. It’s perfectly doable (in fact I’ve done it before in testing) to have an item affect stats like that, and cursed items that can’t be taken off again are a thing so… yeah!

      Also, rape is already locked behind a setting that doesn’t appear in the Settings window, so that’s already covered.

        1. Not that there’s enough data to make it worthwhile but the toggle is in the INI file.

  2. Hello Kawa, I just found out about this project and I am really into the concept of an erotic roguelike!

    If you do not Mind I just posted about the existence of this game on the /furrygames/ thread on /trash/. I saw that it said that you were looking for prosewriters on the roguebasin page for your game, so hopefully maybe one or two anons might be interested! we have a few creators who visit there semi regularly.

    Best wishes and I hope you the best of luck on your project.

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