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The State of Noxico

Okay so what has happened to Noxico this past year. Let’s see, can’t be a lot, right?

First of all, I moved the thing to Github. The Bitbucket repo is still there, but I can’t say for how long. Going by the commit history as seen on Github…

  1. Reworked a bunch of text things to use Lua in hopes of making i18n easier.
  2. Added color support to fonts.
  3. Fixed a dumb bug that removed water when restoring a game.
  4. Added general support for weighted lists.
  5. Used testing characters to reveal and fix a bunch of things.
  6. Added a Markov chain option to name generation. 
  7. Reworked clothes tearing to give clothing a torn token instead of replacing them with entirely different items.
  8. Made character stats defined in Lua.
  9. Completely reworked the walkaround UI. Again.
  10. Overhauled the mod system, because I like Starbound.
  11. Added a test arena option, because I guess I kinda like Dwarf Fortress?
  12. Finally started on the team behavior thing that I’d been sitting on all this time.

In roughly that chronological order. I’m not sure about some of the Lua things, because of the whole “start from index 1” bullshit, but eeeh. It certainly bit me when I tried to convert the team behavior lookups to Lua, and that makes me worry about the attack multipliers.

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