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Ranma/Nabiki Ryōga/Shampoo Catgirl Ranma

What if Ranma was born and raised a girl? What if she was cursed to turn into a cat and immediately tried to cure herself? What if she hooked up with Nabiki? What if Kawa wrote a Ranma fanfic? Well, here it is.

17 chapters, ongoing. Updated 2018-03-27. AO3 Local

I’m a Kittycat

Ranma/Shampoo/Akane Curse Inversion

Shampoo’s curse is the other way around and she messes up the Kiss of Death.

Oneshot. Released 2018-03-30. AO3 Local

Good and Pure

Ranma/Kasumi Precious Cinnamon Bun

When Ranma decides to help Kasumi make breakfast one day, things quickly get out of hand and the engagement is passed on to the older sister. Written purely for a perceived lack of RanSumi fics by Kawa as directed by Righteous Mystery.

9 chapters, ongoing. Updated 2019-08-26. AO3 Local

Yet Another Damn Ranma AU

Ranma/Akane Permanent Curse Effects

Here’s another one. What if there was no turning back and forth with hot and cold water?

7 chapters, ongoing. Updated 2019-08-09. AO3 Local

Dumb Ranma Idea #8

Ranma/Nabiki Gender Inversion

At this point I’m just throwing AUs at the wall and seeing what sticks. In this case, what if Ranma was born a girl and turns into a boy?

2 chapters, ongoing. Updated 2019-12-08. AO3 Local

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