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Games are a big part of the Project, next to stories and other non-interactive things. They can be split up into two groups, being real games involving the Project, or in-universe games.

Real games

The Dating Pool

The Dating Pool is an old-school point and click game set on the planet Firrhna. It features Ilira Ermalbi as the main character in an adventure best compared to the Leisure Suit Larry series, but quite different.


Noxico is an erotic rogue-like, and the first of its kind that was openly and publically announced. It was not originally connected to the Project, but it had cat folk already and it's such an easy change to make.


The only game in this list not made by Firrhna Productions, the Project comes in as a popular set of mods .

Fictional games

TODO: List them here, anything named that's mentioned in the Project.