On Realtime

Roguelikes are turn-based, giving you all the time you want to determine your next move.

Megazeux is realtime.

So is Noxico right now, but I’d like to steer it more towards Roguelike. So here’s an idea:

If the player does nothing for n seconds, the game presses the Rest key (usually the period) for him. Depending on a setting, this could range from a very long delay (if any) to near-realtime.

Which brings me to another idea that’s related to the above: passive and active effects. If things are paused, that includes things like flames, attack animations, and various other, somewhat hypothetical effects. So my idea is to have passive effects run in realtime – flames have animated burning – while active effects work turn-based – flames don’t actually spread until the player acts (or has Rest forced on them).

What do you think?

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