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    wertigon Just an FYI; that warning should get fixed, but warnings in general are nothing to worry about for the end user. As long as it provides a binary, it should be fine.

    Look at compiler warnings as the compiler going "Oh, hey! In this line here, you tried to do X! Looking at the context and the code, it appears what you want to do is Y. I therefore helpfully did Y instead, and here is a message telling you I did Y. Have a Nice Day(tm)!"
    heyheyhey Well everything seems to work. This is the first time I ever compiled bsnes, or any other emulator for that matter. I have been using higan and bsnes for years, and every version would have a pixel of garbage on either side of the screen when using Direct3d, but for some reason simply compiling it myself fixed that. The only change I made was to the overscan mask value in viewport.cpp from 224 to 216 so that integer scaling could now fill a 1080p display from top to bottom. My next step was going to be to add 1 pixel of horizontal overscan mask to hide that garbage but no need to now. Had no idea just compiling something on your machine could clear up bugs like that.
    heyheyhey Is this going to be a problem?

      Main » Emulation » Compiling bsnes on windows I got this warning » New reply
      you need to wake up michael