General disclaimer

The site does not own and cannot be held responsible for statements made by members on the forum. This site is offered as-is to the user. Any statements made on the board may be altered or removed at the discretion of the staff. Furthermore, all users are expected to have read, understood, and agreed to The Rules before posting.

We do not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose member information like IP addresses to any third party. If you have questions about any information contained in this FAQ, try contacting Kawa by some means.

Why should I register an account on the board?

By registering a user account, you will be able to post on the board as well as use several features only accessible through registering, such as the ability to mark forums as read. Unregistered users have guest access to the board, meaning they can view threads but not reply to them.

Why are there name and password fields in the New Reply form?

You must not have seen many AcmlmBoards before. These allow you to post without needing to log in first, which is handy when cookies are disabled (see below), or when someone else is logged in and you want to get your message in without logging out the other guy.

Are cookies used for this board?

Yes, it uses cookies to store your login information. You can still use this board with cookies disabled, but you'll have to enter your username and password every time it's asked, and some features may not be available.

What is the standard of acceptable behaviour on the board?

First off, do not assume that our rules are the same as those of other bulletin boards — just because spam posts might be acceptable on another forum they are not necessarily so here.

However, most of the rules are not that hard to follow, and as long as you keep them in mind, you should not run into trouble.



Naturally, exceptions to most of those rules could arise out of social context or similar; however, unless you have gained a deeper understanding of the forum community, you are on the safe side assuming that to not be the case. In case of any remaining doubts, common sense prevails.

What is considered "spam" at the board?

Spam is making:

If you feel that a thread is spam, then PM or IM an admin and ask them to take a look at it. Don't ask for someone to take a look at it in the thread itself or lecture the poster on the dangers of spamming.

What is the strike system?

In most cases, the staff at the board follows a three-strike system when it comes to punishments. For most minor offenses, an offending user will be warned about his/her conduct through a PM. If they continue to break the rules, they will be banned for 24 hours (possibly more if it was a serious offense, up to 72 hours). If the user continues to cause trouble, they will receive a second warning, possibly followed by another ban which could last anywhere from 72 hours to a week. Finally, if the user is still causing trouble after all these warnings, they will be permanently banned from the board.

Harsher bans may be issued if a user racks up multiple warnings in a short amount of time or does something idiotic such as flooding the board or posting questionable material.

Note that if you register another account to post with during a ban, you will be permanently banned on the spot.

What can I do about my thread being closed/trashed/deleted?

First off, don't complain on the board about a thread being closed or deleted, and don't single out a certain mod or admin as being responsible. This will result in a ban. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

If you feel you need clarification on why the thread was closed, or if you feel a mistake was made, contact a staff member, preferably a local moderator who's in charge of the relevant forum, and politely explain the problem.

Help! I've been banned! What do I do now?

First off, do not create a new account to complain about your ban, as that will just result in a permanent ban from the board. If you feel that the ban was unfair or if you wish to know exactly why you were banned, PM an admin and calmly ask about it. Aside from that, the only thing you can do is wait for the ban to expire and make sure you know why it happened.

Can HTML be used?

Nope! Unlike on most AcmlmBoards, HTML is strictly forbidden.

Is there some sort of replacement code for HTML?

Yes. Most of the possibilities are listed on the new thread/reply pages.

How can I get a custom title?

You can get one by being on staff and/or having at least 200 posts. There may be a few rare exceptions, but asking for a custom title before having the requirements for it usually won't get you one.

The word required for registration is the bird.

How do I edit a poll I made?

You don't. Poll editing is rather difficult to correctly implement and carries a risk of gross abuse. Imagine if you will, that you make a poll about something, and you don't like the results. With poll editing, you could then go and switch the answers around. If you really need to edit a poll, ask an admin with database access (for example, Kawa) to edit it for you.

How can I become a moderator or administrator?

If us administrators trust you enough for this. Don't ask us, we may ask you if we ever feel you worthy of being promoted. Being a good and regular member helps, while asking for this doesn't. It also depends whether we feel a need to promote more people, which isn't so often the case.

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