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Just don’t

Me: ..and what is Pinball Witch’s source for this bold claim? An article on themarysue. Disregarded like I don’t even know what.
Letrune: It is not true, it is just that it was a sudden reveal.
Me: Look, I don’t think themarysue is a good source on this
Letrune: …no it isn’t! They think Asimov got NO female characters, not protags, CHARACTERS

“Samus is canonically trans”, my fuzzy buttcheeks.

Look, I got no problem with trans people and such, just ask Letrune, but when your source is that ill-informed you probably shouldn’t take their claims for gospel truth.

Okay so sure, the manual for the first game called Samus a “he”, and the name works both ways. It’s called “not spoiling the surprise at the end”, thanks.

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