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    Posted on 23-03-19, 02:38

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    [insert here Spongebob-themed "4 YEARS LATER" titlecard]

    Somehow I ended looking at a PicoDrive fork that really impressed me:

    Looks like someone WAS reading my crashtest results and decided to do Something™. And oh well, Something™ was done, and done well!
    All the problem games on my test now run flawlessly on irixxxx's PicoDrive 1.99, technically bringing PicoDrive to a perfect 10 (at least on the 32X section) - not only matching Fusion but even surpassing it (as it doesn't have the DMA PWM audio issues on Linux, and it can boot ALL retail games... including the infamous Surgical Strike 32X CD, which Fusion can't). This is nothing short of impressive - hell, even the Mars Check Program passes ALL tests with flying colors! (and to make things more incredible, irixxxx just wanted to learn about recompilers... and ended deep into the rabbit hole fixing countless bugs on PicoDrive's SH-2 cores!)

    Too bad the rest of PicoDrive is basically "well, we need something fast for ARM toys", so there are still unaddressed problems with its Genesis underpinnings (run the Overdrive demos for a example) and you should stick to the good stuff (BlastEm, Genesis Plus) for your base Genesis needs, but if you need a multiplatform 32X emulator that can run on modern computers, this is it, look no more because you have no other options. As a bonus, there are now recompiler cores for ARM64 and even RISC-V!

    Forget about MAME (it's still unusable dogshit). Forget about Gens too (it's deader than Yuyuko). And now it's time to send off Fusion on a well deserved farewell too.

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    Posted on 23-03-19, 23:19
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    The power of so many X'es in one place has been unleashed... but is the world ready for it?

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