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Posted on 20-07-19, 14:37
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Someone on No-Intro apparently just redumped Triple Play '96 and Gold Edition.
Saying that they were not previously dumped correctly because it maps SRAM in the middle of ROM. (3 MB ROM, but the last 1MB mapped to $3xxxxx region, with SRAM mapped to $2xxxxx.) They report existing dumps just dumped the whole 4MB range.
Do non-SNES games still use Manifests? I would suppose if so it'd be simple to support that on higan (dumper saying the correct dumps are not emulated in anything)
Posted on 20-07-20, 05:05
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Everything in higan uses manifests, although only the SNES has a database of verified game and board manifests — everything else just uses the traditional heuristics for that particular platform.

I'm afraid it's been a while, so I don't exactly recall how to ensure higan uses a manifest on disk instead of generating one, but I *think* it should work.

The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.
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