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Posted on 19-03-22, 13:17

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Hey guys, I started doing streaming recently and I'm curious if there's a hotkey or command line flag to enable/disable hiding the entire UI so all you get is the bare display over any other applications.


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Posted on 19-03-22, 13:42
Full mod

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higan has a full-screen mode which hides any other UI, but of course you can't see any other applications. There's no "borderless windowed" mode or anything like that.

You might be interested in RetroArch, which has a higan v106 core available and has a console-style UI that hides itself when the game is playing, even in windowed mode.

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Posted on 19-03-22, 15:05
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Can't you toggle off Fullscreen Exclusive to achieve Borderless Fullscreen?

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Posted on 19-03-22, 16:09

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Since: 11-15-18

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I can go full screen, but I use OBS for streaming and have windowed mode for active chat with viewers. I was hoping there was a UI-less mode to make it appear seem less to the OBS application.

Thanks anyway.

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Posted on 19-03-22, 16:27
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Can't you set OBS to crop the image? Then you could run it in windowed but cut away the UI from the viewers. Of course, you'd have to take care not to move the window, but if it's always maximized/at top left/etc that shouldn't be a problem.

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Main » Emulation » UI-less mode
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