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    Screwtape The official higan page links to the git repo because byuu occasionally finds it useful, and perhaps it's useful to other people too. However, it's not a service byuu provides or is responsible for; if it went offline for some reason, higan development would continue without it. When the content on disagrees with the content of the repository, is always the official state of affairs, and the repo is a summary, or approximation, or compromise. As an example, the official v104 is the one tagged v104b in the git repo, because I had to compromise between accurately recording official releases, and accurately recording the development process. byuu's would have been well within his rights to ignore people trying to report problems with "v104b" since there was never an official release with that version number.

    The "official repository", if you can call it that, would be byuu's personal archives of historic bsnes/higan releases, which are stored on his PC and not available to the public. I don't know if byuu kept a copy of the original v104 or not.
    MT Great, thanks. Now I have another issue: what one of the three links to refer to. :D

    Posted by Screwtape
    it would be misleading to imply that releases from there are in any way official.
    Btw, it’s unclear why the repository is considered unofficial while it’s explicitly referred to on the official higan page. Is there a true official repository then?
    Screwtape The higan git repository doesn't have "releases" because the git repository is an *effect* of releases, not a *cause*, so it would be misleading to imply that releases from there are in any way official.

    However, it does have tags. You probably want v104b rather than v104, because byuu found a small problem in the original v104 and made a new release with the same number.

    As you can see, the v104 official changelog doesn't go into much detail about how "integral scaling" does/should work. Unfortunately, I didn't have the unofficial docs for v104 finished by the time it was released, but I documented v104's video settings soon afterward.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, Kawa graciously hosts a mirror of the old forum under "Archive" in the header of this site (and the even older forum under "Older archive" beside it). That includes the v104 release thread.
    MT Hello. Is there an official place with changelogs for all higan versions?

    Changelogs (version history) were previously published on byuu forums, but the forums are now down for an unknown reason. Internet Archive (Web Archive, Wayback Machine) says “Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine”:*/

    The “Releases” page of the higan Git repository is empty too.

    I’m specifically interested in an official changelog page for higan v104 that introduced the new “Integral scaling” feature, so that I could refer to it in my “Nonblurry integer-ratio scaling” article where I try to specify proof links for as much information I provide as possible. The previously working link to a higan v104 announcement on the byuu forum now leads to “503 Service Unavailable” error page. Thanks.
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