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    Thread review
    Nicholas Steel
    Posted by epguy40
    Snes9x 1.60 released in late April 2019 on github

    see the release notes there
    Dangit I was excited for a new release... then slowly realized I already had that version installed. Anyways, thanks for the heads up.
    epguy40 Snes9x 1.60 released in late April 2019 on github

    see the release notes there
    Broseph Snes9x 1.58 released:

    - Move the LICENSE file to the base directory and use a stub in all the source files referring to it.
    - Adjust Chou Aniki timing hack.
    - Use 1-based numbering when displaying pressed keys.
    - Hide controller port if disabled when displaying keys.
    - Fix movie playback.

    - Fix interlaced modes when overscan crop is enabled.
    - Allow overriding -flto. (orbea)

    - Use shared snes_ntsc implementation.
    - Remove extra LGPL licensing to avoid confusion.
    - Don't translate config file entries. Fixes breakage on non-C languages.
    - Fix issue where config file doesn't contain all configurable entries.
    - Remove config options for Netplay, Joystick, and JMA. SDL 2.0 is now mandatory.
    - Updated gettext and removed intltool. update-po should now catch all translatable strings.
    - If available, reduce input lag option will now use fences instead of glFinish to prevent hogging the CPU.
    - Onscreen text can be variable width and will show up in some more cases now.

    - Add audio device selection (XAudio2 only)
    Broseph Amazing work BearOso and everyone who worked on this.

    Posted by BearOso

    He fixed a bunch of things with save state inconsistencies to fix runahead in libretro, which he was also responsible for.

    I'll have to test with SNES Blackthorne to see if it behave like it did in 1.56 with runahead on.

    With the 1.56 libretro core, there's a weird behavior that happens in the game when runahead is on (1 frame ahead); whenever you walk left or right the entire screen pause and when you release left/right then it resume back to normal. I assume something in the game has some kind of next frame reaction that causes this but normally whenever this happen you just see a 1 frame jump instead of the whole screen pausing and unpausing.

    Of course, the easy fix is to just turn runahead off (which is why things like Retroarch are so useful because everything can be configured on a per game basis) as runahead is highly game-dependent.

    Anyways, great work again.

    DonJon hm, I think I remember mudlord. Well at least he's actually contributing something. Great Snes9x release!

    Posted by Kakashi
    And hey! Dwedit! Haven't seen him in a long time!
    Posted by Kakashi
    Not surprised to see mudlord involved with a hack.

    Yep, the advanced interpolation tables came from him. The hacks are optional, though. They're mostly for libretro and they're explicitly labeled so as to know they're hacky. The GTK+ port hides them behind a configure flag, and Win32 doesn't even expose them.

    I don't have so much a problem with hacks like this as long as it's made obvious that they will break things or isn't how it's supposed to sound. If people want to try to alleviate slowdown or flicker or clean up the audio, it's fine. I'm just frustrated when people want things to act like zsnes. I don't care if that's how you remember it because you didn't have a SNES and pirated games in the late '90s. It's like a remnant of the 1337 h4ck3r self-aggrandizement from back then.

    And hey! Dwedit! Haven't seen him in a long time!

    He fixed a bunch of things with save state inconsistencies to fix runahead in libretro, which he was also responsible for.

    I made some big changes on the GTK+ side that were basically side-effects of me having fun playing with Wayland.
    Kakashi Not surprised to see mudlord involved with a hack.

    And hey! Dwedit! Haven't seen him in a long time!
    Snes9x 1.57 has been released. Changes include a big update to the libretro port, several accuracy fixes, a few new features, and some deprecations.

    Support for xml HLSL shaders in the Windows port and xml GLSL shaders in the GTK+ port has been removed. We recommend downloading and using shaders from the libretro repository at instead.

    For those packaging the GTK+ port, note that building with GTK+ 3 is now highly recommended over GTK+ 2 and should have no regressions. Also note that Wayland compatibility is implemented, which, if enabled, also requires GTK+ to have been compiled with Wayland support. The configuration file format for this port has changed to a simple .ini-style that can be edited by hand and is saved as snes9x.conf, keeping with the other ports' convention, in the user's config directory. This will cause any changes to settings made with previous versions to be reset to default. Frame-skipping options have also been simplified to remove never-used "fixed" rate settings and to simplify interaction with dynamic rate control and sound sync.

    Snes9x 1.57
    - Various seta010 emulation fixes. (kps501)
    - Pass blargg OAM tests with proper write behavior. (BearOso)
    - Prevent interlacing in BG modes 1-4. (BearOso)
    - Corrected IRQ and NMI emulation to allow more games to work properly. (BearOso, OV2)
    - Use 1 instead of 0 for initial PPU left window coordinate, fixing garbage in left column of pixels in some games. (turhope)
    - Added interpolation option hack for DSP. (kps501, mudlord, BearOso)
    - Added sprite-tile limit disabling hack. (Tatsuya79)
    - Added libretro's fast snapshot support. (OV2)
    - Add overclocking hack that increases IPC (retrotalker)
    - Fix controller initialization issues preventing some games from using multitap. (retrotalker)
    - Proper write behavior for register $2122. (BearOso)
    - Fix transparency issue with Star Fox asteroids. (redguy, BearOso)
    - Increase SuperFX speed to more accurately represent hardware, and fix bugs with Stunt Race FX and Yoshi's Island. (BearOso)
    - Resize viewport on state load. (retrotalker)
    - Many fixes to variables not saved or saved incorrectly in save states. (Dwedit)
    - Pass decimal tests in blargg's math test ROMs. (BearOso)
    - Remove memory leak in loadzip.cpp. (bonimy)
    - Fix screen size not reverting when overscan is turned on then off mid-frame. (BearOso)

    - Include DirectDraw libraries and compile with DirectDraw support by default. (OV2)
    - Add a link to DirectX installer in error message displayed when the needed DirectX libraries can't be found. (OV2)
    - Save window position when exiting via menu (OV2)
    - Make custom ROM dialog resizable. (OV2)
    - Fix various cheat dialog issues. (OV2)
    - Remove d3d9x DLL dependency by using DirectXMath. (OV2)
    - Remove rarely-used HLSL shader option. (OV2)
    - Add InitialSnapshotFilename support. (BearOso)
    - Disable BG toggle keys by default. (BearOso)
    - Proper centering and cropping for overscanned and regular height modes. (OV2)
    - Remove ability to disable the SNES's hires modes. (OV2)
    - Added a Super Famicom-style icon resource to the EXE. (BearOso)

    - Partial support for new cheats format. (OV2)
    - Fix MacOS build. (marconett)
    - Set default for new config options. (tmkk)
    - Fix compilation on Mac OS Mojave (meepingsnesroms)

    - Massive update of libretro code to latest downstream. (fr500, kps501, OV2, twinaphex, BearOso, hiddenasbestos, m4xw, kxyxz, claudiuslollarius)

    - Use datarootdir instead of datadir on install. (orbea)
    - Fix --with-system-zip configure flag. (BearOso)
    - Draw interlaced fields when ready. (BearOso)
    - Initial Wayland support. (remicalixte)
    - Allow XV only in X11. (BearOso)
    - Add Wayland support via EGL. (BearOso)
    - Significant rewrite of OpenGL driver to support newer standards. This won't work on cards < OpenGL ~1.5. (BearOso)
    - Changed frameskip option to speed throttling option with simpler, but more relevant methods of speed control. (BearOso)
    - Add support for relative-style save slots. (ichigo-0, BearOso)
    - Remove XML config file format in favor of one more like Win32. Make joystick bindings and more options human- readable and editable. (BearOso)
    - Try more device nodes when initializing OSS. (BearOso)
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