So what IS Noxico anyway?

Noxico is an erotic role playing game, taking a little from Corruption of Champions, a little from Megazeux, and a little from Dwarf Fortress.

Specifically, several data structures, the overall “faked text mode” asthetic, and several smaller details are inspired by Dwarf Fortress (with special attention to Adventurer mode), but it takes the realtime aspect and other details from Megazeux, which leaves the porn bits to CoC.

The game’s overworld is split up into screen-sized, randomly generated boards, no scrolling, based on a handful of general styles – think biomes – and containing towns based on less random process, and dungeon entrances. It won’t be very big, I reckon…

The dungeons, and I use the term in the gaming sense, are more like those in the average Roguelike (there goes another two hours of your life, haha), and are fully randomized once on startup. Considering the locations of their entrances on the overworld, things are bound to get a little non-euclidian…

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