The Beginning Of The Blog

Hello World, 05/07/2023

In the beginning, there was nothing, and then Lori said "let there be cringe". And Lori saw the cringe, and it was good.

Finding The Words

Updating this website and my plans for it, 17/07/2023

Having autism is a hell of a trip, emphasis on the "hell" part. The easiest way to try and explain it is a phrase I coined a long while ago:


You see, I understand that there is a problem. We can agree on that. But I didn't create this problem. One day society decided it was going to be ridgid and uncompromising, and everyone else could get fucked if they didn't like it. Deviation from the norm was punished, even if it was useful, and the "different" became the "other", bugs to be stepped on. Being trans and autistic puts you firmly in the crosshairs of some of the worst people humainty has to offer. People who 40 years ago would be laughed out of the room as lunatics or persecuted as political atrocity artists, but now thanks to twitter they're taken seriously. Ultimately that's what the likes of JK Rowling are: atrocity artists. But I can't say all this in conversation. Once again, YOUR WORDS FAIL ME.

This website will serve as my outlet. My own domain, where things run by my rules. Neurotypical and cisgender people have conquered the internet, turning it into a hive of incel blackpillers and chuds on youtube who desperately believe that they're Sigmas and Top Gs. But this is my insane asylum, and I'm not the patient anymore, now I'm the warden. In other words, THEY'RE NOT YOUR WORDS ANYMORE. This website will be updated when I have something new to put on it, and that'll normally come with a blog post.

The Fall From Grace

Watching an internet artist plummet from the lofty heights of mediocrity, 17/09/2023

StoneToss, Ben Garrison, John Bob, sometimes they just can't help it, and we get to watch a once ok-ish artist on the web fall head-first straight down the rabbit hole. Apparently this isn't new, but I recently learned that Tatsuya Ishida has turned into a Q-Anon right-wing nutjob and has taken the comic "Sinfest" with him. This is not the first time an artist on the internet has self-destructed. At one point Twitter watched John Bob appear, create an entire community, get outed as a pedophile, and then destroy that community in the space of months. It's a shame about the comic though. We can fix that, though. Can't we...Kawa?


Careful pal, I'm looking back at you

Careful there, buddy. The Abyss is staring back at you.