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    Posted on 23-04-30, 07:42
    Impersonating the real Ermelber, blocked by request.
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    Ermii Kart DS is a full hack of Mario Kart DS in progress by the Ermii Kart Team. Its goal is to replace all courses, characters and karts with new ones. It also aims to be the successor of Mario Kart Zero.

    The Ermii Kart Team consists of:

    Ermelber (Leader) - Custom Tracks, Characters, Programming and Project Management
    Yoshidude4 (Co-leader) - Custom Tracks, BGMs/Sound Effects, Graphics and Project Management
    Tomix - Characters, Karts
    Stomatol - Characters, BGMs
    Szymbar15 - Missions, Karts
    Dark Light - Custom Battle Courses
    Gericom - Programming
    Swiftie Luma - Graphics, Karts, Sound Effects




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