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Posted on 20-06-23, 01:43 (revision 1)
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Posted by Kawa
It's a Gals Panic clone. Only thing that seems to be missing is the opponents.
A Qix clone with no qix? What's even the point?

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Posted on 20-06-23, 22:44
The Sufferer

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Who knows why there's none in the screenshot.
Posted on 20-06-25, 04:01

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Minecraft. Bedrock edition, which I own for Windows 10, care of the mojang account license, iOS, and Android on Google Play. The latter is useful for running it with the MCPELauncher for Lummox. Alas, there’s really no equivalent for macOS yet, until ARMac comes out, then you can just run the iOS tablet version on Mac desktop.
Posted on 20-07-05, 02:56 (revision 2)
Not from my cellphone

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Super Nazo Puyo: Rulue's Roux

Turns out that there is more puyo beyond Puyo Puyo. Enter the Nazo Puyo series, where instead of getting your ass served in a plate by non-human Japanese bots playing with friends or being beaten by some unfair AI, you're instead supposed to complete quick puzzles with puyos. Easy in principle, yet the execution is all around, from deceivingly simple puzzles to complete mindbreakers.

In other words: goddamned puyos!

You gotta be very creative when solving most of those puzzles: I spent like 30 minutes stuck at a "clear all puyo" puzzle, just to have the answer reveal before my tired eyes: I had to draw a goddamned H pattern with 3x 2-red and 4x 2-yellow puyo in a garbage-filled base pattern! ARGH!

All of this because Arle wants to eat curry, yet all she knows is how to solve problems with puyos. Flawless plot!. And in the good ol' fashion of Madou Monogatari series of RPG games featuring our puyo-obsessed heroine, you don't get a health bar/indicator - instead, you get to look at Arle's face: the more desperate she gets (oh boy, you just don't make cute RPG protagonists cry!), the nearest you're from a game over. Fortunately, real game overs don't really seem to exist in this game - it tracks your progress with its battery-backed save RAM, and you just get to redo the set of puzzles you missed. Each successfully solved puzzle helps Arle level up, which also helps her stand some more abuse.

(BTW: that's the only user-translated Nazo Puyo entry out there - there are like 2 SNES and 3 Game Gear titles released only in Japan)

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