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Posted on 20-05-12, 09:40

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Posted by nyanpasu64
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Posted on 20-05-24, 01:37
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Once again, governments around the world still want for you to die, as some places start lifting their lockdowns.

It's truly pathetic to see people placing "teh economy" over HUMAN LIVES. Yes, if you can't work, you don't get paid, therefore you may starve and die, but that's what governments are for: to support their people during difficult times! Oh wait, I forgot that both commies and capitalist pigs are united in being evil :/

Soviet Venezuela is still doing terrible: gas pumps are still devoid of the precious dead damned dinosaur juice extract, so people have three options:
- Die.
- Buy fuel at the black market, which is 100% controlled by the military. Only in Soviet Venezuela prices of gas RISE during a pandemic (~$2/liter is not uncommon - that's almost $8/gal for you Yanks!)
- Some really stupid beings people with more balls than common sense risk their lives (and of those around them) by performing homebrew conversions of cars to run off propane gas cylinders... the same ones we use as fuel to cook our food. Those ones are also very difficult and/or expensive to refuel (natural gas shortages are a recurring theme around the country). No, this isn't the same gas you use on factory-fitted natural gas vehicles! Oh, and that's extremely illegal: get caught and your vehicle will be seized.

Plus, people is about to go insane now that both in a rare turn of events, both the Soviet Supremo and the Trump administration forced AT&T to pull the plug on DirecTV operations in the country, leaving over FIVE MILLION decoders in the dark, essentially bricked. There goes down the shitter another option to stay informed during the lockdown... but idiots don't miss foreign newscasts, they miss their HBOs :/

Oh, the Chinese Plague has been confirmed in MY city: seven cases, of which the commies don't want you to learn about half of them:
- Two defectors returning from Colombia with the virus. They were tested positive, then the assholes RAN AWAY, just to be caught later... AT A LOCAL MARKET FULL OF PEOPLE. Since they most likely weren't wearing their facemasks properly (if at all), expect a HUGE spike of cases in the upcoming days... assuming the local authorities even bother testing people!
- Three Cubans which were isolated. To this date the commies deny those as official cases, but I happen to live in one of the rare cities with a opposition-led administration (of which commies never waste time to silence and downplay their authority), so we know that it's fucking BULLSHIT.

This has led to the strengthening of the lockdown over here:
- Curfew now starts at NOON, according to several reports. Not that you can't leave home without fuel or cash for the bus (banks remain closed and ATMs are still dead, remember)
- Apparently the usage of gloves is now to be decreed mandatory (!?) along facemasks.
- No facemask? JAIL for you then.

So yeah, we're now literally sleeping with the enemy next door.

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Posted on 20-05-24, 01:53
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By the way, here is a perfect example of a society full of morons that can't take pandemics seriously:


Don't be a Swede, people. Or a politician.

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Posted on 20-05-24, 15:23 (revision 1)
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Actually, when it comes to the lockdown, the totalitarian measures as seen in most countries are pretty much throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

What are the reasons for lockdowns? Two reasons, the first is to not overwhelm the healthcare system and storm the hospitals. The second reason is to develop better ways of treating patients. The goal here is to keep as few people as possible from dying, and the second reason makes less people die of this particular illness, while the former reason makes less people die of all illnesses.

The lockdown does come at a cost though. The obvious one is the economy - every week noone is tending to the figurative wheat fields, the lesser the food stores for the winter will be. The less obvious cost is that most will still be susceptible to this virus, so if no cure or better enough treatment can be found soon, you would have traded a pointless massive economic damage for... What, exactly? The deaths will still happen, people will still get sick with cancer etc, but since they are in lockdown, a whole lot MORE will eventually die of starvation or sickness.

It's impossible to say which strategy is best at the moment. The Swedish strategy is the "shield" strategy - it assumes most infected people will survive the virus, but some risk groups will not. Thus, you shield the elderly and weak, the ten percent of the population that would die for sure - and otherwise have measures in place to let the infection have a slow burn and not overwhelm the healthcare.

Looking at the statistics, this assumption holds true. Most people who have died of the virus (at least 90%) are of 60 years age or above, and most regions are seeing a decline in the population. So the Swedish strategy has managed with the first point, not to overwhelm the healthcare system, really well.

The high death numbers are partly because the most dangerous place to be in Sweden right now, is in the elderly care where many homes failed to take strong enough measures to shield the aging population. This is not an excuse, just plain facts. The Swedish strategy has therefore failed to keep the death counts low.

Sweden is already coming out of their pandemic, while many other countries have yet to start on it, and Swedish measures will probably be copied for the exit strategies of many countries. That said, not all sunshine and roses. Every death is a failure, even if that death was pretty much unavoidable.
Posted on 20-05-31, 00:29
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In Japan, Shinzo Abe claims his country has supernatural powers and prefers to see you, dear citizen, dead:
Since when Japan became fucking China?!

In Soviet Venezuela, Soviet Supremo For Life Maduro announced a partial lifting of the lockdown, claims gas stations will be full of fuel starting Monday, and everyone will work at really oddball schedules depending on what they do: banks will work 9AM - 1PM, while "health shops" will work 10AM - 4PM. Oh, and everything that involves people lining up (that isn't a supermarket) will only let people enter according their national ID number: for example, according to the pile of BS announced, you can only go to the bank ONCE a week, on your designated day (and Fridays are only for corporate customers).

Expect hyperinflation to reach Mars before Musk does it first. Oh, and our curve just started climbing up fast in the last two weeks - what a nice timing to lift lockdowns. Because our Dear Leaders wants us fucking DEAD.

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