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Posted on 19-10-02, 00:18
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Recently, Debian Testing finally updated to gnome-terminal 3.34, in which they finally got around to making all the various menu-options accessible from title-bar controls, so you can use them even when the menu-bar is hidden. For a straight-up GNOME 3 desktop, that's an improvement.

For people using gnome-terminal on a non-GNOME 3 desktop, it can be a drawback. Title-bar controls mean a client-drawn title-bar, so window-managers that actually manage windows (like i3, dwm or awesome) now have extra, redundant title-bars hanging around eating up space.

I'm not angry, because it's reasonable for the GNOME people to make gnome-terminal better for GNOME at the expense of other environments, but I'm now in the market for an alternative, visually-lighter-weight terminal emulator. Unfortunately, it seems that gnome-terminal is absolutely the most polished terminal emulator around, and everything else is a step down.

My current shortlist of alternatives is:

- xterm is a bit primitive, but rock-solid, and I already have it configured to my liking.
- pterm is a straight-up port of PuTTY to POSIX, and it feels a bit weird to use it as a local terminal
- QTerminal feels weird because it's Qt-based, and sometimes it lays out Unicode text oddly

I'm definitely not interested in:

- st, because I don't want anything to do with the suckless "community"
- kitty, because I'm not interested in managing Yet Another Config File
- alacritty, ditto

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Posted on 19-10-02, 04:04 (revision 1)
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Xterm also has ths advantage of trying to actually emulate the terminals it claims to emulate, instead of claiming to be a specific DEC terminal and then behaving wildly diffrently.

On the other hand, something libvte-based will probably be better-behaved with newer software because of the nesticle effect.

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Posted on 19-10-02, 04:14
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Been using xterm since I got bored of konsole/gnome-terminal (too much stuff for my liking), even back when DEs weren't braindamaged. Normally I dislike minimalism, but come on, it's a terminal, you should not get in the way! ("tabbed terminals"? Dude, windows are free!)

I haven't even touched my xterm settings - I use whatever defaults are shipped by my distro of choice.

Yes, I know xterm has a menu. No, I've never used it intentionally.

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Main » Discussion » (Mis)adventures on Debian ((old)stable|testing|aghmyballs)
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