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    Posted on 19-05-16, 05:26
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    Somebody contacted me on IRC today asking about cursors in the game "X Zone".

    Here's a screenshot of the difficulty-selection menu, showing the bsnes green crosshair drawn where bsnes thinks the gun is pointing.

    Here's the same screen with the "cursor" button held down, adding a square grey cursor drawn where the game thinks the gun is pointing.

    Some observations:

    - if you play at 2× scale, the green cursor moves twice as fast, at 3× scale the cursor moves three times as fast, etc. Presumably the code is mapping mouse-cursor movement in pixels to gun movement in pixels, but my mouse is tuned to let me flip from side-to-side of a 1920px display, it's a bit unwieldly using the same settings for a 256px display.

    - Even at 1x and aspect-correction disabled, the bsnes cursor moves slightly faster than my regular mouse-cursor. If I hold the cursor button to make the game draw the cursor, the game's cursor moves a bit slower than my mouse cursor.

    - X Zone's first level makes heavy use of Mode 7. If you're using the HD Mode 7 feature, the green cursor is drawn at the HD resolution, not the SNES native resolution, making it weirdly tiny. Also, it seems clamped to 640x480, so if you're using the HD 720p mode or higher, the green cursor can't cover the entire screen.

    Wat do?

    The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.
    Posted on 19-05-16, 13:39
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    Ah the downside of feature creep, now we have to upscale to any arbitrary size output for HD mode 7. Okay thanks for the report, I'll try to fix it when I can.
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