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    Posted on 19-05-06, 01:54

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    I like hiro and use it in my own projects. I know byuu has put a lot of time and effort into getting hiro into a state where it's usable by more people than just himself and that's very respectable. Recently I found a similar project, libui by andlabs, while researching Angular and React libraries to practice with for my current job (libui is used by multiple desktop implementations of React Native, among other things). Its goal is also to abstract platform-specific UI programming into unified APIs for the users. Dear ImGui by Meka developer Omar Cornut/Bock also does this but everything is done with custom drawing in a GL context, so it's less of a direct match to hiro's features; Dolphin uses it and Adobe also recently forked it for internal use, among other users.

    Is anyone here acquainted with libui? Other than the fact that there exist bindings to it in languages other than just C, C++, or its source Go, would anyone here happen to know the significant differences between it and hiro and/or the pros and cons?
    Posted on 19-05-15, 14:53
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    The biggest pro is that people know libui exists. I've actually seen it reviewed by other people online. hiro is completely unknown beyond the two of us.

    hiro's basically finished, with the exception that the Mac port is always going to be quite broken, and only the GTK port (and possibly the Qt port) seems likely to ever have a TreeView control.

    Really, the reason to love hiro is the automatic shared memory management. Never having to call new, never having to test for null pointers, never wondering how objects will destruct. That and never having an API call generate callbacks, which is something I've never seen another toolkit get right.

    The reason to hate hiro is the multiple layers of abstraction to implement the shared memory and to avoid polluting every object file that includes the hiro headers. They really make it a nightmare from hell to debug in gdb/lldb.
    Posted on 19-05-15, 15:40
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    That and never having an API call generate callbacks, which is something I've never seen another toolkit get right.

    How do you mean, generate callbacks? It doesn't use them at all?

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