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    Posted on 19-01-30, 11:58
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    I've been playing with BSNES v106r88 on Windows and observed two issues. I know there is a UI rework going on for higan at least, but I figured I would throw these out there just in case.

    1) Defocus setting is not remembered when restarting BSNES. The correct value (Block, Allow, etc.) is written to the BML file, but the UI always uses the default. I tried pulling older revisions, and it seems that this one showed up in either r86 or r87.

    2) Screenshots for save states have stopped working. These were working in an earlier WIP. Unfortunately I didn't notice the revision when they stopped working.

    As always, thanks for the hard work on a great set of emulators!
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      Main » Projects » Couple Issues bsnes
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