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    Posted on 18-11-02, 13:59
    Secretly, I'm Andrew Hussie

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    I have a fair amount of shit regarding SNES development, just as I have for GBA, but today I'd like to enumerate some of the things in one of the SNES folders specifically. Which for some obscure reason is named "lab". If anybody wants a copy of these things so can laugh at me, just holler.

    Let's see what we got.

    BOB source files — Not exactly sure why I held on to this when I saw it available online but here it is. I'll note that the music is MIDI, which matches basically everything I know about videogame music trends, and that said music is on a disk (well, a folder representing a disk) with long file names, whose subdirectories have "ƒ" in their name. Was BOB disk A used on a Mac? Cos that reeks of Mac!

    ctsource — Seems to be the Chrono Trigger FMV thing, but for 21FX.

    cutea_srcCute Angel(a) source code, homebrew. I don't know why I bothered with this.

    First — This is it folks, my first foray into assembler-based SNES programming, and MSU-1 to boot! The only graphics in the ROM proper are the "no MSU-1 found" error. The rest is all loaded from the MSU-1 data track, which has a very simple index-based lookup table. A later copy has a PCX of Shantae dancing, possibly intended to liven up the otherwise static screen but I don't think I got it to work.

    FirstXKAS — Where First was built with WLA-65816, this is an attempt to do it in XKAS. That's all there is to it.

    Fourth — You know those porn slideshows? Have one with a gigabyte of capacity. Still in assembler though and it's not even porn (whaaaat?). Where First used PCX files, this has PNG sources. I don't recall where I got the converter from but Chrono Trigger comes to mind.

    HDMADEMO — Not mine, apparently something I picked up from Grog to study how it's done.

    KawaMSUDemo1 — A "release" version of First, as spotted in that one video from d4s (?) where you can see the file list on the sd2snes.

    kawasm — Kids, don't let your kids grow up to try and write their own assemblers.

    nwarp_daisakusen_src — Another person's game's source I guess?

    Second — Hey, if there's a First and Fourth there's gotta be a Second. This was apparently supposed to load and show a pic from the indexed lookup thing, with perhaps more streamlined loading code? I can't tell. I don't think it worked.

    Third — An attempt to do a video player. Featuring Rick Astley. Emphasis on "attempt".

    That's all the folders. The rest is a bunch of zips about someone's remake of Kung-Fu on SNES in C, some compression library, some fonts and docs relating to fonts from ROMHacking.net, and the source to a pong game by Themaister.
    Posted on 18-11-02, 15:55

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    I appreciate you naming several of your demos by the order they were made rather than what they actually do. Gives me warm memories of the GBA piracy scene, and I wish commercial games were named like that.

    Posted on 18-11-02, 21:56 (revision 1)
    Upper Class Twit

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    Yeah, well. I should find my SNES-C work.

    Edit: found it on my other external HD. We've got the following stuff here:

    ark — Came with the compiler. Arkanoid, but without the item drops I believe. Also without an intro and all that. 🤷‍♀️

    supernox — Has actually very little to do with Noxico, despite the name. Was later done better (relatively) on GBA after I got bit by a lack of understanding on how to bankswitch.

    welcometodie — Because "Hello, World" is overdone.

    magazine — Built upon welcometodie, adds scrolling more than a screen's worth of text.

    msu1lab — Also built upon welcometodie, but tries to load a background image from the MSU-1 stream, and plays a song on the same.

    smo-ckery — My best work, in a way, after KawaMSUDemo1, this is a remake of BMF's Super Mario Odyssey title screen.

    christmas_craze_src — Not mine, just something else done in SNES C that I hoped to learn from.
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