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Posted on 19-06-14, 11:30 (revision 1)

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‘Trials of Mana,’ a Full HD Remake of ‘Seiken Densetsu 3,’ Unveiled

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Posted on 20-03-11, 11:44
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Following last year's "Panzer Fucking Dragoon remake" announcement, Sega celebrated the series' 25th birthday this year by announcing PANZER FUCKING DRAGOON VR.

I can think of few flatscreen games that would port to VR as well as Panzer Dragoon(seriously, just set the camera to the rider's head, and you're basically done), fewer still I'd like to just step into thje world of, and I want to be really excited about this.
On the other hand, the recent Space Channel 5 VR was a joke by most counts.
On the third hand, PANZER FUCKING DRAGOON. The hype is real.

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Posted on 20-04-03, 18:26

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Wow. So spoilers are coming out, and I finally realized that what I thought was a Final Fantasy 7 remake was actually “Final Fantasy 7: Remake”, a new game in the FF7 series of media. Apparently the “remake” part is in reference to the plot, not having to do with redeveloping the original game.

I still have no interest in getting it, though.
Posted on 20-04-06, 22:20

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I've got it preordered digitally, and am curious where exactly this new story direction will be going. From what I'm hearing-
Which could be interesting, but needs to be executed well. Definitely has a bit of that "modern Nomura" style to it; I can see how people would feel mislead by the "Remake" subtitle, too.

They're also incorporating characters from an obscure spinoff novel named "Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright".
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