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Posted on 20-03-04, 22:47
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It was like some weeks ago, now that I remember to actually post.

RetroPals playing some console that was kind of like, you know the LaserBirdie? Imagine if it was normal for every game on the console to have a peripheral like that. Like, they were even ahead of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero trend.
And I was thinking "emulate THAT, byuu!"
Shocked when they later said someone on MAME actually was working on it.

It's like if someone tried to out-Nintendo them at their own console, a console with motion-control gimmicks like a year before the Wii was announced. I think that was the timing.
He said it was engineered by a bunch of guys familiar with Famiclones, and the main CPU to this 2004 console was a 6502.
Which they realized was maybe a bit outdated, but that's okay because reportedly they put a 65816 in each of the carts.

Just about lost when he revealed how the cartridges were to be inserted into the console.

(hope the idea comes across. Maybe I should've put the cart near the back of the console where the ZIF actually is for proper demo)
Imagine we just take a Famicom-like cartridge and just shove it through downward into a spot on the top of the console.
It's like they took Nintendo's ZIF connector, as a solution to make a sleek 1985 console, and how can they make its 2004 analogy (you know, MAKE IT SLEEK, but hide that it uses that cartridge format like only consoles for preschoolers like the V-Smile were still using.)
Posted on 20-03-05, 00:18

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kingmike hand reveal
Posted on 20-03-05, 02:13

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I don't get it. I see your photographs of a Famicom looking cartridge on top of a North American NES console. And I see you hiding the label of the cartridge with your hand, against the door. None of this tells me how the cartridge is inserted into this clone of yours.
Posted on 20-03-05, 03:40
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Posted on 20-03-05, 11:28
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Posted by funkyass
Oh, THAT thing!

I remember thinking it looked really neat, but being skeptical of the motion control scheme. How naive I was.
I still wonder how well it is doing. I might charitably assume there's an array of LEDs in the peripherals, making it basically an inverse Wii(where the "sensor" bar has an array of LEDs at either end that the single camera in the controller can use for triangulation), but somehow I suspect that the controllers just use accelerometers and there's no actual location tracking.

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Posted on 20-03-06, 06:16
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That video makes one wonder what the fuck was the purpose of those images in the original post!?

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