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Posted on 20-02-24, 08:35
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Hello all,

Just curious what board you would recommend I use to ask a question about background mode 5 and 6 on the SNES in regards to 512x448 resolution. I'd like to figure out a way to broadcast a signal to tv from a/v out that is at least 512 wide, with the catch that it's not all upsampled from from a single 256x224 image, that is to say that one way or another I can send data to every other pixel or at least influence the output so it's more than just a repost of the previous pixel to create the 512 width in the signal out. So basically even if the image is only 16 colors, I can still have the actual resolution of a 512 image out to tv.

I would of figured this is a great question to ask on Byuu's official message board... But yeah...

Also is there a way to get a .7z archive of the old message board and all its contents from 2008-2018? To much great stuff to lose and httrack is a pita to use.
Posted on 20-02-24, 08:58
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Main » Programming » Using 512x448 resolution on SNES modes 5 and 6
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