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    Posted on 19-07-07, 06:36
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    CRT was nice, though I recall there was once an option to add a curvature frame to give the appearance of an old CRT.

    I imagine it would not be feasible to add some kind of occasional-shitty-broken-RF-video-distortion option. The random warping and colors and snow, as a sort of bizarre preservation of the "how we actually saw these games back in the day when many of us could only wish we had composite" as much as the wonderful preservation of the intended functionality of the consoles.

    I know byuu is crazy dedicated, unlike this crazy post.

    Yes, I feel like Cranky Kong now.
    Posted on 19-07-07, 08:11
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    Or a filter that makes it break into static when a car drives by as the RF cable picks up the spark from the ignition coil!

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      Main » Projects » Cool to see the shaders back in bsnes
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