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    Posted on 19-03-15, 13:08
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    totally from scratch:
    Posted on 19-03-15, 20:19 (revision 1)
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    I am now waiting for byuu to emulate it.
    Posted on 19-03-15, 20:23

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    Now it only needs games...

    Well, it has Tetris, and that's a solid start.

    I like that it actually uses a descendant of the Genesis audio chip.

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    Posted on 20-12-21, 07:25 (revision 1)
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    This is actually really interesting. Sorry for the bump, I've just seen this and it's making me want to look further, was there anything else done since (this thread's inactive so I presume not)?

    Gotta also love the fact it has the much-required and also unevenly-aligned PAL Black Borders :D

    @tomman: Same, I much prefer the YM2612's raw-sounding output over the SNES. Makes it a lot more versatile overall which is unsurprising, and given it's closer to arcade systems... well, porting arcade games to the MD was generally always more authentic. Sega having experience in the field definitely paid off over in Europe, where they were way more successful over Nintendo: the arcade ports were better and that's what European console gamers wanted more - the bigger/heavier stuff tended to be home PC-exclusives :P
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      Main » Engineering » Guy Makes SNES/MD-style Homebrew Console
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