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    Thread review
    desudesu Ohh, fair :P

    Btw, updated the OP with the new list of systems (again copied from the github). Wonder if anyone's had a play-around with the tracker who knows anything about music because I certainly know sod all about music theory :p
    Posted by desudesu
    How did you miss 'Master System' in that list? ;P
    Because I wasn't making a comprehensive list. The strikethrough entries are my self-deprecating mockery of the idea anyone is using this for 99/4a nostalgia.
    desudesu How did you miss 'Master System' in that list? ;P
    CaptainJistuce "TI SN76489"

    Aww yeah! Get your MSX ColecoVision 99/4a on, baby!
    desudesu News:

    0.6 beta 1 released the other day, over 2000+ commits since the last stable release. And guess what, lots more systems too, including the RF5C68 from the Mega-CD :D

    I've played around with it a bit and it seems pretty solid.
    One interesting feature is that you can 'combine' multiple chips into a single song. I could see this being potentially very useful in the case of support for the Mega-CD chip if it was added for instance :P

    Supported systems
    over 50 sound chips - and counting:
    Yamaha FM chips:
    YM2151 (OPM)
    YM2203 (OPN)
    YM2413 (OPLL)
    YM2414 (OPZ) used in Yamaha TX81Z
    YM2608 (OPNA) used in PC-98
    YM2610 (OPNB) used in Neo Geo
    YM2610B (OPNB2)
    YM2612 (OPN2) used in Sega Genesis and FM Towns
    YM3526 (OPL) used in C64 Sound Expander
    YM3812 (OPL2)
    YMF262 (OPL3) with full 4-op support!
    Y8950 (OPL with ADPCM)
    square wave chips:
    AY-3-8910/YM2149(F) used in several computers and game consoles
    Commodore VIC used in the VIC-20
    Microchip AY8930
    TI SN76489 used in Sega Master System and BBC Micro
    PC Speaker
    Philips SAA1099 used in SAM Coupé
    sample chips:
    SegaPCM - all 16 channels
    Capcom QSound
    Yamaha YMZ280B (PCMD8)
    Ricoh RF5C68 used in Sega CD and FM Towns
    OKI MSM6258 and MSM6295
    wavetable chips:
    HuC6280 used in PC Engine
    Konami Bubble System WSG
    Konami SCC/SCC+
    Namco arcade chips (WSG/C15/C30)
    Seta/Allumer X1-010
    NES (Ricoh 2A03/2A07), with additional expansion sound support:
    Konami VRC6
    Konami VRC7
    Famicom Disk System
    Sunsoft 5B
    Namco 163
    Family Noraebang (OPLL)
    SID (6581/8580) used in Commodore 64
    Mikey used in Atari Lynx
    ZX Spectrum beeper (SFX-like engine)
    TIA used in Atari 2600
    Game Boy
    Commander X16 VERA
    tildearrow Sound Unit

    System requirements
    The OS X version works on 10.9 upwards from what I can tell, might run on earlier versions. Dunno what the minimum is for Windows, but it's possible that the x86 version will run on XP according to the author.
      Main » Projects » Furnace - a multi system tracker by tildearrow » New reply
      Yes, it's an ad.