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    Thread review
    Screwtape Back in the days when Firefox had single-digit version numbers, there was an add-on called "It's All Text" that let you edit the contents of a text-area in an external editor, with all your favourite keybindings, etc. Once Firefox replaced its old add-on ecosystem with WebExtensions, that extension died and I've been looking for a replacement ever since.

    I recently found an add-on called Textern that does the same thing, but (in accordance with the WebExtensions security architecture) it comes in two parts - a Firefox extension that can be installed with a single click, and an external helper script written in Python with all the dependency hassle that implies.

    So, I wrote my own external helper in Rust, so I can distribute a single statically-linked binary that basically Does The Right Thing. My project's README has basic installation instructions if you're interested - although I should note it currently only works on Linux, and I've only made a pre-built binary for x86_64. I created issues discussing macOS support and Windows support if anybody wants to help with those.
      Main » Programming » Textern: edit textareas in a real editor » New reply
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