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    Thread review
    Posted by JieFK

    How nostalgic :)

    Screwtape You handled XML files in shell and awk? You're braver than I thought.

    I don't see any "ln", though, so hard-linking is still romrenamer's special feature. :)

    I don't remember that particular trick, but I guess it was eight years ago. Glad to be of assistance, I guess?
    JieFK OOOOOoooooh... that reminds me of roms_checker, a shell script I wrote a while back :) -- not very much human-readeable but heh :p

    If you feel a bit nostalgic, grab your copy at the link below.
    The should do the trick.
    Don't bother getting the 3.0 version, the SET variable is ...well... set nowhere in the script, surely leading to some bugs I guess...

    BTW, Screwtape, you're credited on the release notes for 2.50. :D
    According to the changelog, it was for some bit of code you gave me to skip the 512b of iNES headers on the NES Roms :)

    How nostalgic :)
    Screwtape I love that No-Intro provides DAT files for all the systems they catalogue, but so far as I know the only programs for working with DAT files (certainly the most common) are CLRMamePro and RomManager, both Windows-only GUI tools. I've often wanted to look up a file or set of files in the latest No-Intro DAT file, but doing it manually is super-tedious, so I wrote my own tool, romrenamer.

    All the details are in the README there, but the short version is:
    romrenamer path/to/some.dat source/files/ destination/
    Make sure all source files are uncompressed. Despite having "renamer" in the name, it doesn't actually *move* recognised files to the destination, it hard-links them (if possible) so it shouldn't use as much disk-space as a whole second copy of the files.

    It's written in Rust, but if you don't have a Rust compiler handy, there's pre-built binaries for Linux x86_64 and for Windows x86_64.
      Main » Programming » romrenamer, a command-line tool for renaming with DAT files » New reply
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