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Hi, I'm brand new to the forum and this is my first post, but I really like the small board you have here and I figure I'll engage. Nice to meet you!

I absolutely recommend going Python here. It has more than enough power to do this with the addition of a few really handy modules. In your case, PIL or Pillow is a must, BS4, and well, there's probably a lot I'd recommend, so I'll stop there. But, then your py-networker of choice and you'll finally have something. (Django or Jupyter or any of them, really.) This is the drawback of using modular languages like python or node but also the benefit, I suppose. Also, like wertigon suggested with the Pi, well then python should definitely be your number 1. The two go hand in hand in every way. (I just ordered two more, a zero and a zero w last night. The 1pp limit is probably for the best, because I've got the fever again...)

However, I'm going to suggest something outlandish, and I hope it doesn't come off as a terrible idea. I've done this myself before and it gets results fast, despite being very unorthodox.

Gamemaker Studio.

You could build this entire thing inside of a gamemaker application and either run it locally as an executable or export it with an HTML5 module and then use the standard mysql route to house it online. If you have no experience in gamemaker, you will be able to pick it up very easily just gauging your experience level. The syntax is very java-like and everything you need to prototype at the least is all there for you, no need to build engines in 3 different languages to connect the pieces : you just have to build 1. :)

If this is the most crap idea you've ever heard, I'm sorry, but I think it could actually work for your needs. If you like the idea but don't know the first thing about designing applications in a program typically used for game design - I can help in almost any area you could need! Let me know if you want to give it a shot and I'll make myself available to help you if you happen to need it.

EDIT: Accidentally pasted a link to this thread in the comment somehow, whoops!
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