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Stowaway That's poifect. thanks a lot.
Kawa Figured it out. The spreader places everything in /data alright, but also gives each foo.mix file its own /data/foo[i]. When merging XML data, it'd see a Noxico.mix/bodyplans.xml, and a /data/Noxico/bodyplans.xml. The [i]effective file name is "Noxico/bodyplans.xml", which ends with but is not equal to the requested "bodyplans.xml" so it's considered an expansion instead of a replacement.

In my build, this would end up replacing each bodyplan as their IDs match. To me, it broke on words.xml because of its category elements. Took me a bit to figure out.

So here's an all-new build, executable only, that doesn't do that thing with the extra subdirectories. Remove the data directory, except for data/missions/rothfale, and try again.

Incidentally, big honking copy button.
Stowaway Ah I understand now you've mentioned that, it wasn't picking up the folder anyway because I renamed it. Buuut keeping the folder's name as data gives me this:

When this appeared before, I deleted the changeling stuff in the wip folder; it the moves on to saying the human bodyplan is defined twice.
Kawa The game wants a folder named "data". Would be better to change an entry in words.xml, assuming you're running a recent enough copy, cos that's faster to check.
Stowaway aye, its in the data folder that came from the command line, which I should add, conflicted with the .mix until I renamed the folder to 'Noxico'. what if the mix file is taking priority? I could test that by changing a body plan in the folder and seeing if it the change shows up, but I'm on a bus right now.
Kawa And the files are in the right place? gamedir/data/missions/rothfale? It seems very unlikely, considering you must've extracted Chelsie's files before editing them...

I know the manifest is correct -- if there were but one listed file missing, the entire thing'd be skipped.
Stowaway Yup, even wiped out any old saves there were.
Kawa Did you start a new game? Missions are applied when a new world is created.
Stowaway I got nothin'. Tried deleting the folder and replacing with what I archived.
Kawa For me, it worked out of the box, except for this one part where PlayMusic was given a null string.

It's right there.
Stowaway Wasn't sure where exactly to make this, it seems like it could relate to development but whatever, move this it the needs be.
Posted by 'Stowaway'
I'm having trouble splicing in a 'mission'. Basically I copied the Chelsie pack and changed the character xml, the board png, everything applicable (I think), but the place isn't appearing in the travel menu.

Well that's what I posted to the Noxico thread on Fenforum. I'll dump the files so Kawa, or anyone who knows what's happening, can take a look. It's probably something I'm just overlooking.
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