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Not Ultima or even God forbid the Bible. I mean of course the one following the Tumblr porn ban. I’ve mentioned it on Discord once or twice but when you’re using a service like Tumblr to host and serve your content, a service provided by a company you can’t meaningfully control, you run the risk. The service will eventually cease to be (GeoCities says hello), the company decides to make one too many dumb functionality changes, or as happened now the advertisers force the company’s hand and they do the most fucktarded thing imaginable, in the worst way.

But to say you’ll just jump ship from the one company’s service to another? That’s just sitting and waiting for the other service to take a turn fucking up.

That’s why you sigh, fork over a tenner a month, if even that much, and get your own damn server. Do what you want, host your own blog and all its content. Use the services, untrustworthy as they are, to announce┬áthe content.

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